Flexible oxygen therapy for greater independence


Flexibility is the word that defines the performance of the SOLO2 transportable oxygen concentrator by Invacare. This product has the ability to treat oxygen patients in all situations. Its first-class features combined with its great efficiency allow patients to travel as it provides both pulse and continous flow options.


The day to day maintenance of the SOLO2 is very simple and minimal and it can be used during the day and night by patients. Also patients do not have to worry about the autonomy of the product due to the ability to use additional power modules. Check the gallery to see it in detail.


Mobile-friendly design

The easy-roll cart with large wheels and adjustable handle means the SOLO2 is never far behind.


Easy filter exchange

Thanks to the patient-outlet integrated HEPA filter, all filters are accessible without opening the casing.


Battery-powered autonomy

Power the SOLO2 from AC, DC or the easily removable battery module for independence and autonomy.


Patient convenience

Intelligent accessories include an always-vertical humidifier holder to ensure water does not reach the patient circuit.


Accessories and consumables

AC Power module with European plug. AC Power module with UK plug. DC Power cable. Accessory bag.


Easy-roll cart with handle.


Humidifer kit.


Additional rechargeable battery module.

Clinical study comparing SOLO2 and Liquid O2

The clinical benefits of a pulse-dose portable concentrator are similar to continous-flow liquid oxygen.

figure 1

There was no statistically significant difference in dyspnea change between the SOLO2 pulse-dose and the Liquid O2 continous-flow group.

figure 2

The SaO2 during the 6-minutes walking test was very similar in the SOLO2 pulse-dose and Liquid O2 continous-flow group.

SOURCE: MELLONI B, SAUDER P, FORET D, COUILLARD A, VEALE D. Clinical Effectiveness of SOLO2. Antadir Federation, October 2011


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