INVACARE Platinum Mobile

Breathe and move


The Platinum Mobile delivers the latest in pulsed flow technology to cover clinical patient needs with 4 individual pulse setting positions. Stylishly designed and featuring an intuitive interface, the Platinum Mobile brings simplicity and innovation together in a compact, lightweight, quiet and robust package.


The Platinum Mobile concentrator was built to be the best oxygen partner for more active Chronic respiratory insufficiency patients, but also to help minimise the risk factors associated with interstitial lung diseases including prior or concomitant oxygen therapy. Therefore, the Platinum Mobile has a range of features and accessories designed to give a ‘breath of new life’ to users.


Highly portable

In addition to the lightweight design, the Platinum Mobile comes with an easy-to-clean carry bag and two shoulder straps. Use a single strap for carrying over the shoulder or dual strap to carry as a back pack.



At only 2.22 kg, the Platinum Mobile is compact and lightweight, promoting ambulation. It has been designed to encourage mobility, travel and independence.


Sound level

A sound level of <40dBs gives patients confidence to go to even the quietest of places such as the cinema or library.


Enhanced battery life

The Platinum Mobile can operate for up to 5hrs on a single battery and up to 10hrs with the addition of a second battery.


Bright LCD Screen

A bright, backlit, LCD screen delivers relevant information to patients and, together with the battery indicator, allows them to be confident as to the status of their oxygen supply.


FAA Compliant

The Platinum Mobile is FAA compliant and can be used on commercial aircrafts, giving patients greater freedom to choose when and how they want to travel.


External Charger.

Allows patients to travel with the Platinum Mobile whilst an additional battery is charged at home.


Additional Battery

Slides into the additional battery slot to give increased operating time.


AC Power Charger

Allows users to charge the unit from any standard AC power supply.


DC Car Charger

Allows patients to charge the Platinum Mobile from most vehicles.


3 in 1 Carry Bag

Convertible and comfortable carry bag can become a stylish messenger bag or a sporty back pack.



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