INVACARE Platinum 9

A value added and reliable global solution


The Platinum 9 litre oxygen concentrator by Invacare is widely used to provide patients who require higher flow rates . It requires minimal maintenance and patients can manage it by themselves because of its simplicity and its friendly design.


No technical knowledge is required for managing the Platinum 9. Patients only have to clean its filter when dirty, and the practical castors allows the unit to be moved around the home. It features an easy to use operating system.


Simple and reliable

As Platinum 9 has casters, patients can easily move it wherever they go.


Easy operating system

Platinum 9 has an intuitive interface that allows patients to manage it without technical knowledge.


Always clean

Only one filter to change when dirty, so patients won't waste time on cleaning.


HomeFill connection port

The Platinum 9 features a port in the back to allow connection to HomeFill II.


If you are a patient, a dealer or a prescriber and you are interested in obtaining more information about Oxygen Therapy products, do not hesitate to contact to Invacare by clicking on the button below and filling the form on the next page.