Giving patients the freedom to breathe wherever they want


The award winning Homefill II allows patients to fill ambulatory oxygen cylinders in the comfort of their own homes , whilst being supplied oxygen via the oxygen concentrator which makes up the Homefill II kit. The oxygen cylinders are easily adjusted to suit patient's needs, depending of the amount of oxygen they required providing both pulse and continous flow options.


Here you can check the accessories that serve to refill the HomeFill II cylinders, as well as the regulators and conservers that guarantee a perfect performance. An easy adjutable cylinder carrying bag is the ideal way to transport your Homefill II cylinder and we also have a back pack available for those who prefer that style of carry aid.


Range of lightweight cylinders

To suit the needs of all patients, a range of continuous flow and conserver cylinders are available.


Integrated regulator and conserver

With protective cap and autonomy gauge.


Oxygen cylinders with conserver for large autonomy

Lightweight aluminium cylinders with integrated conserver and regulator.


Carrying bag

The oxygen cylinder can be worn around the soulder, improving overall comfort and convenience.


Patient Priority

HomeFill II controls the fill process to guarantee >90% purity in the cylinder and high purity to the patient.


HomeFill Coupler

An exclusive refill system that ensures a quick, safe and easy connection to the HomeFill II cylinder.

Clinical study comparing HomeFill and medical O2 cylinders

The small difference in O2 purity did not influence clinical results.


Borg scale

SOURCE: LEWARSKI J, MIKUS G, ANDREWS G, CHATBURN R. A clinical comparison of portable oxygen system: continous flow compressed gas vs. oxygen concentrator gas delivered with an oxygen conserving device Respir care 2003 vol. 48(11); 111.


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