Patient Benefits

Invacare respiratory products help patients in different aspects of their life. Here you can check these advantages in a graphic explanation relating to survival rates which is presented in five key areas which are : compliance, ambulation, independence, effective and proven.

Oxygen Therapy compliance and ambulation have been associated with improved survival

  • NOTT randomized controlled oxygen therapy trial on 203 patients compared continous oxygen therapy (COT, 18h/d ambulatory) with nocturnal oxygen therapy (NOT, 12h/d stationary). The results demonstrated that use of continous supplemental oxygen and ambulation enhanced survival compared with use nocturnal only supplemental oxygen.
NOTT Study Revisited Petty TL, Bliss PL, Respir Care 2000;45(2):204-211.

The benefits of
Invacare oxygen systems

medical oxygen


Encourages compliance with oxygen therapy as patients have no worries about running out of oxygen.
oxygen machine for home


Small portable systems allow for greater mobility than other traditional oxygen modalities.
oxygen therapy at home


Eliminating oxygen deliveries means increased independence and better quality of life.
oxygen supplies


Sensi-PulseTM constant minute-volume technology or continuous flow delivers clinically beneficial oxygen to ensure patients stay oxygenated.
portable oxygen tank


A 10 years proven track record with more than 1,000,000 patients treated worldwide.