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Long-term Oxygen Therapy

The Invacare respiratory products are ideal for patients who require long-term oxygen therapy due to a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. They help patients to breathe and provide freedom,independence and confidence to users allowing them to get on with their lives.


Invacare provides a variety of equipment from the award winning Homefill oxygen system to several stationary oxygen concentrators. Take a look into the two product categories that are available (stationary or ambulatory) and find out about the features, clinical evidence and medical documents that guarantee their quality.

Patient Benefits

Oxygen Therapy compliance and ambulation have been associated with improved survival rates amongest respiratory patients.

Please view the attached evidence and find out the key facts that will improve your quality of life.

Clinical Aspects

In this section, patients and healthcare professionals can view graphs, statistics and other clinical evidences that prove the benefits of the oxygen products from Invacare. Making comparisons with other respiratory systems is the best way to understand their performance.

Expert Opinion

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The safety of Pulse Dose LTOT
Prof. J-F Muir

Division of pulmonary and critical care medicine. Rouen University Hospital, France

portable oxygen concentrator

The Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Dr. L.Gaucher

Da vinci Health Center, Tours.

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Ambulatory long-Term Oxygen Theraphy
Full Video

Home oxygen therapy: benefits, clinical evidences and mobile solutions for patients.


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